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The following is the letter which accompanied the star which was purchased for Tony.

Dear Mr. Starke:

Long ago, the ancient Greeks named clusters of stars in the sky after heroes and gods. Eventually, the myths surrounding those clusters became less important than the shapes, but none the less, it was an attempt to immortalize someone and pay them respect. On behalf of all your fans, we have had a star named in your honor.

Your star is in the constellation of Cetus. Some say this constellation represents the sea monster that was sent to Cassiopeia for boasting that Andromeda was more beautiful than the goddess Aphrodite herself. The monster was defeated by Perseus. However, the translation of Cetus is the Whale, so there is less of a connection between it and the myth of Andromeda, particularly since it is in the southern sky, far from the constellations of Andromeda, Perseus, and Cassiopeia (Cathy Bell, Princeton).

The star is far enough away that it cannot be viewed by the naked eye. However, there is a website where you can enter the star coordinates (which can be found on the label on the back of the star map), and it will show you the star. The URL to this website is: NASA. The image is also up on the fan club website, if you have problems with the NASA site.

Please accept this as a token of our respect.

Kathy Agel
Maria Alcivar
Dayna Caldwell
Lissa Grinstead
Laura L. Holder
Josey Huneke
Rebecca Jordan
Jody Liebl
Karen A. Perkins
Lisa Saplak
Enid Smith
Jean Williams

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