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Dez finds a medical unit, and the doctors work for a few moments on Lewis. Lewis has lost a lot of blood, and the medical unit has no more. Dez, being O positive, offers his own for Lewis. But it is too late. Lewis has lost too much blood, and the injury is too severe. The doctors cannot save him. Dez, depressed and disillusioned, seeks solitude, but is found by the general in charge of the city, who demands a report. And report Dezmond does. Dez is sent to relieve Simpson of command.

When Dez arrives at the rendezvous point, he finds the rest of the platoon sitting in the shower room. Leopold reports that Simpson is out of control, but he doesn't know what to do about it. Dez seeks out Simpson, and finds him in one of the classrooms, "interrogating a prisoner," or more precisely, attempting to rape a female student. Dez rushes in and breaks it up, saving the girl. Then he and Simpson fight. Dezmond, our hero, wins.

What do we know about Dezmond? We know that he is not afraid to speak up for what he believes, and he does not back down. We see that in the classroom when he confronts the student, and it remains true when he confronts Simpson. Dezmond also is a man of great compassion. This comes through when he talks to Lewis, trying to get him to understand the importance of education. He also shows a bit of human frustration at his own personal failure. Dez is trying to break through to Lewis and get him off the street. He believes Lewis has the potential to be so much more than a gang-banger pimp. Lewis has already been to jail, and Dezmond is trying to get through to him. Dezmond is determined. He does not give up. Dez is the most fleshed out character. He defies authority, he breaks down and cries, he fights, he makes mistakes, we see his frustrations. But he is still very true to what he believes.

Because of this, Dezmond is my favorite character in the movie, and not just because Tony portrayed him. Dezmond shows compassion in unexpected areas. Whereas the other characters only seem to focus on those close to them, Dez helps those he doesn't know.

There are some flaws in the script regarding Dezmond. Dezmond clearly has a college degree, having probably used the National Guard to pay for his education, yet the script has him as an enlisted man. Dezmond should have been an officer through that hypothesis. This could be a personal choice, but it also makes me wonder why the character is an enlisted man. A sergeant relieving a lieutenant of command is a bit odd, as it completely breaks military chain of command as far as rank is concerned. Dezmond is clearly more intelligent than the rest of the platoon, as he is the only one who is questioning Simpson. Additionally, Dez starts off as a history teacher, then while in uniform, he starts spouting science trivia.

Nonetheless, Dezmond is a well portrayed character who can be respected. Without Dezmond, this movie would not be worth watching.

Fan Club Update

What have we been up to? Well, the website has undergone a complete overhaul. We're also issuing our first newsletter. Until I can get in contact with Tony, unfortunately, I will not be able to provide you with any up to date information

News from Paradigm

Unfortunately, the news from Paradigm is that they no longer represent Anthony Starke. I am certain he has an agent, but right now, I'm doing research to locate the agency.

Until Tony updates with the SAG and the Players Directory, there is nothing that I can do to locate him. Paradigm either has no contact for him, or has decided not to pass it along).

Sorry that the news from Paradigm isn't better, but there it is.

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