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2008BABY ON BOARDRobert Taylor "Dr. Bob"movieEntertainment 7
1998INFERNO (aka HEATWAVE)Will DezmondfilmUPN/MOW
1996DE KERSENPLUKThe Airport ManagerfilmStudio Nieuwe Gronden
1995STAR WITNESS (aka ROYAL AFFAIR)filmIndependent production
1993NOWHERE TO RUNBillyfilmColumbia
1990REPOSSESSEDFather Luke BrophyfilmColumbia
1989LICENCE TO KILLWilliam Truman-LodgefilmMGM/UA
1987RETURN OF THE KILLER TOMATOESChad FinletterfilmNew World
198618 AGAINRuss DeaconfilmNew World
1986NOTHING IN COMMONCameron filmTri-Star
1985LADY BLUEDonnie DibiasitvABC; MGM (filmed in Chicago)
1985FIRST STEPSDean ConroyfilmCBS MOW


2012CASTLEtvDeath Gone Crazy
2011SHAKE IT UPFire Captain Jeremy HuntertvFire it Up; Funk It Up; Merry,Merry It Up; O Brother It Up, one additional episode
2011SUITSChristopher ChurchtvDirty Little Secrets
2011CSI: MIAMIPeter HollandtvSpecial Delivery
2011THE DEFENDERSBlake DonovantvMorelli v Kaczmarek
2009LIE TO MEKyletvEpisode title: The Core of It
2009MAKE IT OR BREAK ITSteve TannertvABC Family
2008CSItvCBS: ep 9.11 THE GRAVE SHIFT, episode #193
2008MOONLIGHTKen VerdolinotvCBS; #1.15 What's Left Behind
2008HOUSE MDRogertvFOX; #4.10 It's A Wonderful Lie
2008ERDr. CraigtvNBC; #14012 Believe the Unseen, #14013 Atonement
2007JOURNEYMANyoung Dennis AmbachertvNBC; #1.11 Home By Another Way
2007NCISDerrick ChoycetvCBS; #5.08 Designated Target
2007BURN NOTICEDoug BakertvUSA: #01.10 False Flag
2007COLD CASEJay DrattontvCBS; #04.23 The Good Death
2006NIP/TUCKTom McNamaratvWarner; Hands Down Entertainment; #04.08 Conor McNamara
2004PRISON BREAKSebastian BalfourtvFox; #01.01; #01.04 Cell Test; #01.16 Sleight of Hand
2004CROSSING JORDANBrad HalfordtvNBC/Universal Studios; #3.007 Dead or Alive
2003ABBYSean ParnelltvCBS/Eye, UPN; ep#1.06 (#103) - Leggo My Ego
2002ANGELTyketvFox/Mutant Enemy; ep #3.20 - A New World
2002CSIMatt Hudsontvep #2.21 Anatomy of a Lye
2001CHARMEDDevlintvep # 4.08 Must to my Ears
2000BOSTON PUBLICJoeytvFox; ep #1.11 Chapter Eleven
1999COLD FEET (US production)David ChandlertvNBC; 60 mins x 6 eps
1997-98THE MAGNIFICENT SEVENEzra StandishtvMGM/CBS; 60 mins x 22 eps
1996THE PRETENDERMichael PatricktvNBC; ep #1.10 The Better Part of Valour
1996-97SUDDENLY SUSANKip RichmondtvNBC; ep #1.1, #1.13 The Ways and Means; #1.14 What a Card; #1.20 A Boy Like That
1996 ?MAXtvDreamworks/NBC; pilot
1995THE LAST FRONTIERBilly tvFox; 6 episodes
1995SEINFELDJimmytvNBC; ep 6.18 The Jimmy
1994-95THE GEORGE CARLIN SHOWJack DonahuetvFox; approx 50 eps
1993THE ADVENTURES OF BRISCO COUNTY JNROlaf BrackmanntvFox; ep # 1.10 Showdown
1992 ?TONY AND TINAprincipal cast - Tony ?tvFox; pilot only
1991/92CHEERSSlimtvNBC; ep #10.21 Take Me Out to the Ballgame
1991BEVERLY HILLS 90210Cowboy aka Dale EvanstvFox; ep #213 Halloween
1991DOWN THE SHOREtvFox/Elsboy Entertainment/HBO Ind Prods; ep#1.06 A Tale of Two Houses
1990THE FLASHThe GhosttvCBS; ep #1.8 The Ghost in the Machine
1990 ?MY TALK SHOWguest startvImagine Entertainment; one ep of 65
1989WORKING GIRLMichael Pearson tvNBC; ep #1.01 Executive Sweet
1989 ?SMART GUYStvNBC/Imagine Entertainment; pilot only
198821 JUMP STREETOfficer PryortvFox; ep #2.12 Fear and Loathing with Russell Buckins
1986-87ONE BIG FAMILYDon HattontvWitt Thomas; 30 mins x 22 eps
1985SILVER SPOONSDougtvNBC; Embassy TV; Lightkeeper Productions


2005DOLLHOUSE (Rebecca Gilman)Terry HelmerplayGoodman Theatre, Chicago
2005KABUKI LADY MACBETH (Karen Sunde)Messenger and MacduffplayChicago Shakespeare Theater
1992GREETINGS FROM VENICE BEACH (Janit Baldwin, Paul Gordon and Jay Gruska)SkatesmusicalNeon Factory, Los Angeles
1991?LOVE'S LABOURS LOST (William Shakespeare)playLos Angeles Shakespeare Festival
1986?COMEDY SPORTZimprovIcehouse Comedy Club
1986BURIED CHILD (Sam Shepherd)playSouth Coast Repertory (Mainstage)
1985 ?THE TAMING OF THE SHREW (William Shakespeare)playMiracle Shakespeare Company, Chicago
1985 ?PALLADIUM IS MOVING (Lenore Carlson)*5playThe Court Theatre, Chicago


1998A COAL TO HIS LIPSnovel1st Books
1997BLOOD CHEMISTRY? and co-writerfilmIndependent production; short
1994ROOMSpoemChelsea 56
1993 "I SEE IT!"poemStar*Line v16 #6/7, December 1993
1993THE FISSION OF THOUGHTpoemStar*Line v16 #6/7, December 1993
1992BETWEEN MAYA AND BRAMHApoemStar*Line v15 #3, May/June 1992
1992I FEAR MY OWN FORGETTINGpoemChelsea 53



Public Service Announcements on Drunk Driving (Mark Berndt Productions) and Seat Belts (David Cranfill Inc)
Farm Bureau Insurance (David Cranfill Inc)
Friese & Friends for WOKY Radio
Shop-Ko (McDonald-Davis)

*1Best Actor in a Supporting Role
*2Best Actor in a Leading Role
*3Best Actor in a Leading Role
*4Best Actor in a Leading Role
*5Drama Logue Award

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