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Home and Family - 1998

Home and Family was a talk show on which Anthony Starke appeared as a guest. This was transcribed by Cat(webcat @ anthonystarke.com). Please do not distribute or post this without permission. Special thanks to Janet for helping out with the spelling of the last line.

Michael Burger: Our next guest speaks Dutch, not every week but you know on his time, give him that. CBS drama 'The Magnificent Seven' has become a huge, huge hit. One of the stars of that. Every good western has a con man. Which is why we're holding cards. Take a look at our guest as he portrays Ezra Standish. (Cut to Ezra's first scene in 'Ghosts of the Confederacy')


Guy: Please welcome, Anthony Starke.

Cristina Ferrare: Congratulations on your new series.

Tony: Thank you.

Michael: Tell us about that con? What's going down there?

Tony: He basically is conning the guy by having one real bullet and five blanks and uh--

Michael: <interjecting> So it appeared as if you shot through that hole five times.

Tony: Exactly.

Cristina: So what kind of thing did you have to learn to do this role?

Tony: I went to scumbag training, weasel training. No, I had to learn how to do a few card tricks and things like that. <starting to play with cards> We all had to learn how to ride and stuff like that.

Michael: Did you ride horses before?

Tony: Not much, a little bit as a kid, you know, but I'm just happy that we have horses now. Initially, the network said we couldn't afford them. Apparently, horses eat a lot and so if you watch the pilot closely there's a couple scenes of us actually taking turns carrying each other piggy back through the desert. And when they got a look at that, they kind of ponied up and

Michael: Popped for the money.

Cristina: Paid for the horses.

Tony: Yeah.

Tony: Well, I have a great sleight of hand guy and he's also an actor named Steve Ballantine and he showed me a couple of things like cutting a deck of cards with one hand and then pulling the Ace of Spades out, like that <demonstrates>. And you can also do the same thing with the opposite hand a different way, you do it like that, if I can get it around.

Cast: Oooing

Cristina: How do you get the Aces?

Cast: Wow

Tony: The way to do that is you have the deck like this, one way of doing it, and you let half the deck drop and you push with your index finger and then you pull it out with your middle finger. The other way of doing it is you hold the deck and then instead of dropping it you split it and you hold it again with these fingers and you pull it out.

Michael: Takes a little bit of practice.

Another woman: Are you a good guy or a bad guy?

Tony: He's a little bit of both, which is kind of fun. He's basically a scoundrel who's trying to be a better person, which is sort of a fun thing to play.

Another woman: Isn't that what we all want?

Another man: In the pilot, you guys kind of rode out, you were defending that little Mexican town with the flag.

Tony: Right. My motivation initially for going to the Indian Village was not to rescue the Native Americans living there but to find out about this gold mine that I've heard about and yeah, I get the little kids to tell me where the gold mine is.

Michael: This casting really is a great cast. A fun ensemble.

Tony: Yeah, you know, we're not the firefighters, but we're all right.

Michael: We brought this little book of Dutch out because your grandfather was Dutch.

Tony: Actually both my parents are from Holland, they're from the north of Holland, province of Groningem. Both of my parents came to this country in 1957 and it was a strange turn of events. I was born, actually, on my grandfather's birthday, and I'm named after him. And my grandfather had his own paper company in Holland, but he's always acted in the theater and stuff like that and finally, he was cast at the age of 78 years old in his first film. And he, I guess, pestered them enough that they brought me over and I played a little part in the film. With my grandfather.

Cristina: We happen to have a clip of that so let's take a look at that film.

<clip of De Kersenpluk>

Cristina: Did you speak Dutch as a child? Or did you have to learn it for the film?

Tony: My parents were really what you'd sort of call model immigrants. They wanted to be Americans, so they spoke English in the home and they really didn't teach us Dutch but they, you know, if they were having a conversation that they didn't want us to understand, or if they were arguing or you know or if they were swearing at us, it was always in Dutch. So you ended up picking up the language a bit anyway.

Cristina: Can you teach us some--

Michael: That's kind of like parents spelling. He can't go out an P-L-A-Y.

Cristina: Could you teach us some swear words in Dutch?

Tony: <silent, but gives them a look> Oh, it's a great language for swearing.

Michael: How about happy birthday.

Tony: Happy Birthday, and you guys can try to play along with this. And I'm going to read it.

"Gelunkgewenst met uw verjaardag Cristina" appears on the screen. Another person tries to read it.

Tony: Very nice.

Another Guy: Really?

Tony: It's actually -- So if you wanna try it, the first thing to remember about Dutch is that Holland is a northern European country. It's very cold, there's a lot of flem problems, so you begin most words with a good throat clearing.

<they all try to say it>

Michael: How would you respond to that? If someone were to say that to her, what would she say back?

"Hoeveel Kahaats is dit?"

Tony teaches Cristina to say it.

Cristina: What's that mean?

Tony: How many karats is this?

Michael: Didn't see that one coming.

Tony: We come with the funny.

Cristina: I like that.

Michael: The Magnificent Seven can be seen on CBS saturday night. It was nice meeting you.

Tony: Oh and I have to say that yesterday was my son's first birthday.

Cristina: What's his name?

Tony: _______. That was my father's name also.

Michael: Say happy birthday to him.

Tony: Happy birthday, boy.

Cristina: In Dutch!

Tony:Gefeliciteerd mijn zoon.

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