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Anthony Starke

Welcome to the Official Anthony Starke Website.

Anthony Starke is an actor of incredible talent, capable of taking on a range of roles with aplomb. After gaining a wealth of experience on stage, in everything from Shakespeare to contemporary plays to light opera, his earliest film appearance is in the hard-to-find CBS tv movie First Steps, where he portrays a quadraplegic. He has been in several television series, accumulating principal role credits in more than 100 episodes of prime time network tv. He has also appeared in a number of feature films, made-for-tv movies and continues to perform on stage. In addition to acting, Anthony Starke is a talented writer and has published several poems and a novel (A Coal to His Lips). He also produces and directs.

Anthony's best known roles probably include Chad in the oft-underrated Return of the Killer Tomatoes, Truman-Lodge in the Bond movie License to Kill, the Jimmy in Seinfeld and Ezra P Standish in the (unfortunately) short-lived tv series The Magnificent Seven.

This website was created, and is maintained, for the benefit of Anthony Starke's fans. We are honoured to have been voted Best Anthony Starke Website in the Ezzies every year since our launch.

We could not run effectively without the continuing support of Anthony Starke, for which we thank him.

We dedicate this website to our favourite actor - Anthony Starke.

Cat Standish and Nightwing


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